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  • Great guys of Himalayan RST

    I met the great guys of Himalayan RST with great luck while surveying through Thamel for quotations for climbing Island Peak. Very quickly I came to understand that I will climb with them. The itinerary received by RST seemed the best planned and with the best value for money. The climb turned out to be even better then expected! Kaji the guide was awesome. So professional and funny, we had very good times together. While other companies offer between just few minutes up to 1 day of equipment & ice training, RST give 2 days that will boost your technique and let you pass through all the other climbers with ease. The equipment provided was top notch, and the food was nutritious and tasty. Will definitely come back to Nepal, and will definitely will climb with them again. Thank you guys.

    Lior - Israel
    October 05, 2015

  • Great memories of climbing with RST

    Great memories of climbing with RST

    I shall have great memories of climbing with RST to take home with me, and hope to return to do more in the future. We were really impressed with the whole team  great food, good companionship and always motivated to make sure the climbs went smoothly. Reaching Lobuche East just after sunrise with the summit to ourselves was a definite highlight!.

    Ryan - United Kingdom
    October 03, 2015

  • The overall highlight of the expedition

    The overall highlight of the expedition

    I knew this trip would be a good time but ...WHOOOOA!!! It is difficult to portray the feelings of this journey in a few short lines.
    Climbing the 3 peaks - Island Peak 6186 M / Lobuje Peak 6119 and AmaDablam 6812 M - for me, was a formidable task both mentally as well as physically, and the shear jubilation from retrospectively viewing the successful outcome of all 3 summits - albeit, amazing in itself - was not even to be the overall highlight of the expedition. The great and lasting relationship that was formed between Ranjan, Sharada, my guides Dipen, Durga and all the support crew of Himalayan R.S.T. Expeditions and myself, made it an experience of deep friendship and belonging.
    I look forward to seeing my friends again.
    This memory and our friendship will stay in my heart forever.

    Tony, Jen and Sam - Australia
    October 02, 2015

  • Trekking to EBC

    Trekking to EBC

    You gave me very good advice for trekking to EBC including Gokyo Ri and two passes and climbing Island Peak, that fitted best to my own imagination. Everything was perfectly organized within less than one day including equipment completion and health care.
    Krishna Nepal did a really good job as personal porter guide and in cooperation with Himalayan RST managed very well all formalities e.g. at airport and arranging overnight stays in the lodges. The climbing program perfectly operated by local climbing guide Ang Rinji Sherpa included three days training, full board and overnight stay in tent. There was no lack of delicious food, always prepared fresh in the kitchen tent by the friendly cook. Climbing of Island Peak was a little bit hard but thanks to the help of Rinji and his assistants not too difficult and very impressive.
    When we were a little bit too fast on the trekking it was no problem to get a flight back to KTM three days earlier than scheduled. So I had a few more days left in Nepal for rafting on Trishuli river, jungle safari in Chitwan and sightseeing in Pokhara and Kathmandu, perfectly organized by Sharada and Ranjan as well.

    Tilo - Germany
    October 01, 2015

  • Professional and expertise team

    Professional and expertise team

    Himalayan R.S.T. Treks & Expeditions currently outfits many of my personal expedition and logistical requirements throughout Nepal working as professional guide and trainer. In addition to this I use them as my outfitter for a range of travel itineraries for my adventure travel company where they facilitate all of my itinerary requirements and customers needs. I have known both Sharada and Ranjan personally for over 15 years and their level of expertise and knowledge is second to none and attention to detail to the highest standards.

    Anthony Eddies - United Kingdom
    September 03, 2013

  • What our client says

    Great guys of Himalayan RST

    Great guys of Himalayan RST

    I met the great guys of Himalayan RST with great luck while surveying through Thamel for quotations for climbing Island Peak. Very quickly I came to understand that I will climb with them. The itinerary…[ more ]

    Lior, Israel
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